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Finally a Single Resource for All of Your Mold Problems

Rarely, when you have a Mold problem will you only have one issue.

Mold is Growing in your home ,apartment,place of work, or school.  You feel sick, and are exhibiting symptoms of Mold Sickness from Mold Exposure. No one will do the right thing to help, and everyone denies it's mold, they tell you don't worry about it, or you need to see a Psychiatrist.

So what do you do now?

1. You will need an Environmental Company to prove it is Mold in your environment

2. You will need medical confirmation to prove you body has been affected by Mold

3. You may need Experienced Lawyers to recover damages for you

When Mold Strikes What's at Risk?       STOP .... Think About Everything...

1. Your health, and the health of your children and family

Mold has been linked to Asthma, Chronic Lung infections, Chronic Sinusitius, Chronic Bronchitis, Fatigue Syndrome, COPD, Fibromyalgia, Brain Damage, Cancer and even death. Finding a Clinic, or Doctor who is experienced in fungal infections and Mold related illnesses is difficult. And treatment can be very expensive.

2. Your Home

The average cost for home Hold Remediation is $17,000.00, that is only for the Mold Remediation Process. This cost does not include the cost of replacement and the repair the portion of your home that was removed as a result of the Mold Clean up process. Or the Pre, or Post remediation Mold testing which can be another $500 - $5,000.

3. Your Personal Possessions

If mold is in your environment, then it is in... your clothing, your bedding, your curtains, your furniture, the children's stuffed animals, etc... The total contents of your home may have to either be professionally remediated (cleaned) or replaced. The cost of contents cleaning and/or replacement my easily be upwards of $50,000.00.

4. Your New Living Accommodations

Once Mold has been discovered in your environment, you will usually need to move out and relocate to a clean place to live. You may find yourself having to pay deposits to move to a new place, deposits on utilities, and the need of have all of your contents you are taking with you professionally cleaned, if not you will be carrying mold contaminated items into your new clean place you are moving into.

5. Time Off of Work, Loss of Income

Mold can create havoc in your everyday lives.  For all of the above reasons,  Mold Exposure seems to effect the ability of those exposed to work at their professions with the same regularity, or proficiency. This can result in job loss, and loss of income.

Dealing with Mold Problems can be Difficult

The Mold Resource Center has complied a National Directory of mold professionals that can help you no matter what your mold problems are.

Best Wishes and Good Luck with your Mold Problems
The Mold Resource Center

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